Paulette Flint – Local historian

I write articles and books about local Gladstone district history.

My latest book will be a tale of exploration, adventure and murder  set in Australia, with links to Gladstone’s history. Read about the life of a man who died young pursuing his passion.

I have published a collection of stories about the street names of Gladstone, “What’s in a Name? The stories behind the street names of Gladstone”. My first published book gives a glimpse into the fascinating history behind the street names of the city of Gladstone, Queensland, Australia.

I research local history and write a daily column called “Times Gone By” in the “Gladstone Observer” our local newspaper. Many of these articles feature historical accounts of the many people who have played a part in the development of the Gladstone region.

I conduct History Walks along Goondoon Street and relate the history of some of the buildings along the way. Some of these buildings have been depicted in Geoff Head’s Lino-cuts which are installed on the footpaths.

Copyright: Please note. All articles written in this blog are fully copyright. Legal action will be taken if they are copied in any way.

24 thoughts on “Paulette Flint – Local historian

  1. hi paulette I am trying to find out anything about Gladstone creek, I believe it came down the eastern side of radar hill through Oaka st into Auckland St and beyond thank you.

    • Hi John, it is Happy Valley Creek you are referring to, I believe. I’m not quite sure where it actually starts, but it’s not the eastern side of Radar Hill. It runs from what we now term the Duck Ponds, in Glenlyon Street, past the Gladstone Bowls Club, across Goondoon Street, under the Valley Shopping Centre, and down across Off Lane. All the creek, except for the bit where the Duck Pondson are now, is now underground channeled through large storm water drains. It eventually ran out behind just north of where the Railway Station is. My mother used to live in the house in Off Street which is now the QRI and she used to recall playing in the creek which was nearby. Often, after heavy rain, the water finds its way into the shopping centre, etc. my mother used to say, “Well, it’s all built on a water course.” Last year, a lot of the shops were once again flooded.

  2. Hi Paulette
    I am researching the hospital in Gladstone in the late 1940’s. What it looked like and where the nurses would have lived. Also the kind of entertainment available to them. I would also be interested in purchasing your book.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Mary Ann

  3. Hi Paulette,
    Thanks for all the time and effort you put into embracing Gladstone. I have a love for Gladstone from my great grandparents and am wondering if you could help our family solve a mystery. We Have been led to believe our family holiday home was removed from Gladstone in 1942 and re located to its current position. Are you able to help us or put us in touch with someone who could help us?
    Thanks Camilla

  4. Hi Paulette,

    I recently came across an article you wrote in the Morning Bulletin back in April 1992 while researching an ancestor of mine Henrich Flint. I would like to share some of my discoveries with you and possibly ask some questions about research you may have done. Look forward to hearing from you.


  5. Hi Paulette
    My name is Ray Ambrose & I was brought up in Gladstone in the 1940s,1950s & 1960s
    I attended Gladstone State School (now Central ) & my parents owned firstly the Young Australian Hotel then later the Club Hotel
    My upbringing was centred around hotel life.
    I have tried to find a contact for Gladstone Historical Society but without success & this is why I have made contact with you.
    Can you please advise contact details for the appropriate organisation as I believe I can contribute a lot of memories of Gladstone from a unique point of view
    I able to meet many special characters as the pubs were always their meeting place

    Any assistance would be appreciated

    • Hi Ray, I can imagine you would have some wonderful stories. I would suggest you contact the Gladstone Regional Art Gallery and Museum. Phone 49766766 or email They would be very interested to get details of your family’s history. I will also email you as I would like to hear your fabulous stories and write about them to preserve your history.

  6. Hi Paulette, Just wondering if you would know where I could find some photos of the old Upton Cinema on Goondoon St that was demolished a couple of years ago? Google doesn’t seem to come up with much.

  7. Hi Paulette, I have been meaning to do this for a couple of years! Yes years! My name is Kerry Whitaker (nee O’Dowd). We went to school together and I was just wanting to get in touch (after 47 years) yes a bit slow in the reconnect but better late than never. I was wondering if there are any reunions planned in the near future as I could not make the one that happened around mid 1990s. You send a copy of your book to my Aunt for her to send on to M&D (Beryl & Justin O’Dowd). We all enjoyed the book. My email is whitakerkerryanne@gmail. Kerry.

  8. Hi Paulette. Sue Lynch here. Sorry, I didn’t know how else to contact you. Firstly, I wish to say thankyou for calling in to see me in our new historic home in Gladstone (original Breslin residence) with a couple of signed copies of your book. One of the signed copies went to my mother in law who is very appreciative and has sent you a thankyou card. I am unable to pass it on as I don’t have your address. She would be very disappointed if I was unable to pass on this card. Is there anything you can suggest. kind regards, Sue

      • Hi Paulette. I am developing a website for my house for people who are interested in original queenslanders. I know the full history of our house and the Breslin family who built it (grand-daughter Dora lives next door). Rather than come up with my own words would you mind if I used a couple of paragraphs from your book from “Teaching the Masses” about Patrick Breslin? I can reference the information I use referring to book and author. Thanks Sue Lynch

  9. Hi Paulette, My name is Jane Young and I am your second cousin. My mother being Ronda Pickering. My daughter Stacey Clarke has tried contacting you to no avail. She is doing our family tree. Please contact me on or Stacey on csclarke2005@gmail. warm regards, Jane

  10. Hi Paulette. I am researching my family tree and mum suggested contacting you. Please email me and I will provide more thorough information.

  11. Hi Paulette, stumbled across your blog whilst googling the net – great work! Im a keen historian of Australian cinemas and theatres, and also Editor of “CinemaRecord Magazine” for the Australia-wide Cinema & Theatre Historical Society” http://www.caths, In our next edition of the magazine, l have reported on the recent demolition of the Civic Theatre- and the passing of Keith Upton. I’ve found it very hard to find any photos- recent, but particular older pics of the Civic, particularly when it was running… and nothing on the early years. Im keen to use some in our magazine and am hoping that you may have something or could possibly point me in the right direction? As Issue 1 for 2013 is due within the next few weeks l have little time do do much than a photographic report on the Civic’s demise, but in the following one (june) would be very keen to run an article on the “theatres of Gladstone” and maybe even Keith and the Upton families contribution to entertaining the locals. Olympia/Lincoln/Civic/Regent?Embassy/Glen.. all interesting! Perhaps you or someone else keen on recording local history would be interested in this project? Anyway, Im glad that l stumbed across your blog and hope that you might find time to drop me a line if you think you might be able to assist in any way. Keep up the good work! Thanking you in anticipation! Kind Regards, Kev.

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