“Percy the Poisoner” – by Ian M Waddell

Percy the Poisoner image



I’ve sampled every eating joint

From Goondoon Street to Barney Point

And filled my kids with ginger beer,

While we ate teas called Devonshire.

Oft time, my needs have been fulfilled,

With steak or fish – both fried and grilled.

While cooks were not the sort forgotten,

Some were good and some just rotten!

But MY favourite tucker-burner

Was a friendly bloke named Percy Turner.

In desperation, it would seem,

He chose me in his bowling team

And with him as a skilful skip,

We won the Mixed Rinks Championship!

They dubbed him Percy Poisoner.

To me, it seems, this would infer

Not disrespect, nor yet damnation,

But a friendly admiration

For one who triumphed finally

Through hardship and adversity.

Percy the Poisoner, the friend we knew,

Adored by wife and daughters too,

Successful as a Restaurateur

A Champion Chef! A Cordon Bleu!

by Ian M Waddell.

A poem written in honour of Ian’s friend, Percy Turner, owner and cook at the California Grill Bar, 52 – 54 Goondoon Street, Gladstone.(Phone 306)


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