Contents (Names)

CHAPTERS in my book: “What’s in a Name? The stories behind the street names of Gladstone, Qld”.

Henry Anson DCM – “Patrol King”

George Barney – “First to Land”

Bayne – “From Glasgow to Riverston”

Beale – “Barrel Maker”

Boles – “Storyteller of Gladstone”

Breslin – “Teaching the Masses”

Burrows – “Active to the Last”

Busteed – “Building the Town”

Byrne – “First Female Councillor”

Byrne – “Pay when you can”

Cairncross – “Miner and Engineer”

Carter – “From Goldfields to Picket Line”

Chapman – “Grazing Family”

Chapple – “The Rush to Port Curtis”

Coase – Blacksmith and Wheelwright”

Crow – “Brothers from Theddlethorpe”

Daniel – “Ambulance Bearer”

Dennis – “Early Days at the Young Oz”

Evans – “Publican and Storekeeper”

Ferris – “Chairman of Directors”

Fisher – “Loyal Municipal Officer”

Fletcher – “Land Expert”

Friend – “Storekeeper and Agent”

Fry – “A Bob’ll do!”

Glegg – “Message Boy from Scotland”

Golding – “Mr Gladstone”

Hanson – “Down at the Local”

Harvey – “Educator”

Hawthorne – Drowned in inches of water”

Herbertson – “Mayor and Ministerialist”

Hetherington – “Postmaster and Publican”

Higgins – “Tinsmith to Town Clerk”

Hilliard – “Gentleman Embezzler”

Hopper – “Port Secretary”

Hunter -“Stormy Petrel”

Janson – “Shipwrecked!”

Kessell – “Banker and Business Man”

Kirkwood – “Settlers at the Glen”

Larsen – “Kin Kora Dairyman”

MacCabe – “Surveying Gladstone”

McCray – “Young Australian”

McCrudden -“Horse Rider and Stock Breaker”

Macfarlan – “The Daily Newsmaker”

Mellefont ” Newspaper Proprietor”

Morley – “Long-serving Headmaster”

Nash – “First Motor Vehicle”

Norton – “Cattle Breeder and Parliamentarian”

O’Connell – “Government Resident”

O’Malley – “Long-Serving Mayor”

Oxley – “First Ashore”

Palmer – “Pastoralist and Politician”

Paterson – “Scholar, Barrister and Communist”

Pershouse – Boyne River Farmer”

Powe – “Fresh Water”

Prizeman – “Auctioneer and Money Lender”

Ryalls – “Irish Australian”

Sutton – “Doctor and Minister”

Tudman – “Town Grocer”

Servicemen – “We Will Remember Them”

Walsh – “The Milton Run”

Watt – “Grazier and Butcher”

Welch – “Gold Miner”

Wilkins – “Royal Red Arcade”

Willmott – “First Citizen”

Worthington – “Grazier of Turkey Station”



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