Streets of Gladstone – Boles

Boles Street, Gladstone

James Boles and his wife, Maria, left Madras, India on Christmas Eve, 1852, on the ship William Prowes with their sons, James and Jason. They arrived in Sydney, Australia in April 1853. James was engaged as an orderly to Captain Maurice Charles O’Connell, who was readying a party to travel to Port Curtis to set up a new colony. After stopping in Gayndah for 7 months, they arrived in Port Curtis in April 1854. This colony was later named as the town of Gladstone. James worked for O’Connell until 1857, when he erected the first police camp in Rockhampton. A third son, Joseph, was born in the same year. Later he was transferred to Gladstone with the Native Police under the command of Lieutenant Murray. He retired in 1861, and their daughter Josephine was born in 1864. They went to live at a place called Kelly’s camp at Calliope goldfields in 1868. Eldest son, James, was the first person to take a load of rations to Mt Alma (a grazing property past Calliope), a distance of 40 miles on horseback. He married Annie Croft. Second son, Jason, became a member of Parliament, and Mayor of Gladstone. He married Mary Breslin (another prominent family in the town). Third son, Joseph, married Mary Ann Miller. Josephine Boles married Joseph Condon.

Son James became a great storyteller of the early days of Gladstone.

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17 thoughts on “Streets of Gladstone – Boles

  1. Hi Kenneth, My Name is Lorraine Keenan, my Father’s mother was Imelda Wilson (nee Boles) her Father was Jason Boles. There is one surviving member of the Wilson Family which is my Aunt Mary Wilson.

      • Hi Lorraine,

        Pleased to hear from you.. I believe I may have met Mary Wilson, was she/you related to a Mr Wilson that was in management of Port Of Brisbane..??

        Jason was the Gladstone MLA and a Boles street is named after him in Stafford Brisbane… my Grandfather has the family name of Jason… and he had the early diaries of the voyage and early days of Gladstone and were given to Mr Golding to write a series of books… which I know exist but have never seen.

        The story is the two boys brought Tamarind seeds from India and planted these at their house in South Gladstone and this tree remains today.. outside the South Gladstone Post Office… (or was when I last saw it two years ago).

        The Boles family had a big history in early Gladstone..!!

        Ken Boles

      • There is a Tamarind tree in Friend Park at Barney Point. I wonder if that was planted as a seed by one of the Boles boys? friend Park was the site of the original settlement. Toolooa House, the official residence of Maurice O’Connell, the Government resident, was sited there.

  2. Hi,
    I’m Kenneth Richard BOLES, father Leo James his father Jason and his father was James brother of Jason.. now in Brisbane.. used to visit Mrs Breslin in Anne St South Gladstone .. help raise funds for mission.

  3. My Grandmother was Imelda Boles, her Father was Jason Boles (my Great Grandfather), does anyone know if there are any Boles still living in Gladstone area.

  4. Hi Sue, Good to hear from you. Yes my book has a whole chapter on the Breslins and I have done quite a lot of research into the family. My email is pflint (at) aapt (dot) net (dot) au. (Sorry have put it that way to stop spammers). The book is $30. Lucky you – the Breslin house is beautiful and one of the few surviving older houses in Gladstone.

  5. I have just moved from Sydney to Gladstone. My husband and I have purchased “Canopy House” residence owned by generations of the Breslin family. I have a copy of Deed of Grant dated 6 July 1891 listing Patrick Breslin as purchaser at auction witnessed by Sir Henry Wylie Norman. I have become very interested in the family as a result. If your book has an entire chapter devoted to the Breslin family I would be very interested in obtaining a copy and would love any further information regarding the family or history of this beautiful residence. Sue Lynch.

  6. Hi Deborah
    Thank you for your interest – I have emailed a reply to you. Let me know via this blog if you haven’t received it. If you have please email me your mailing address. The Breslin family certainly featured to a great extent in the history of Gladstone, and I have devoted a chapter to this family in my book.

  7. I am interested in purchasing 4 copies of your book. My mother is Pamela Breslin, the youngest daughter of the mayor. She is 80 and very well.

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